Our market segments

DG PROCESS accompanies you through different markets

Gaz et Energie

Gas and Power

Tomorrow's energies: DG PROCESS is helping you to overcome your technical challenges while meeting the regulations constrains

Focused on tomorrow's markets: LNG, CNG and Hydrogen , DG PROCESS is a partner of choice for experimental and full scale installations and equipments.


Seeking after reactivity and profesionalism  with proven  Piping and Automation  know-how in the environment of process industries ? Inquire DG PROCESS !

We intervene and realize equipments for worldwide customers.

EPC, End users, Lead contractors place their trust in DG PROCESS when it comes to Automation and Piping solutions.

Our technical support and devotion  to our customers and the process know no equivalence.


Our ISO 9001, ISO 45001 certifications are part of our organization.


DG PROCESS brings its know how on :

  • Cogeneration Units

  • Power Generators

  • Emptying , vacuuming and fitering equipments

  • Compressors

  • Cryogenic equipments

  • Vaporizers

  • Odorizers

  • Counting equipments

  • Safety in hazardous areas

Pétrole et Chimie

Oil and Gas and Chemical

DG PROCESS at the corner of industrial process, safety and regulations requirements

The Oil & Gas industry is making the present and the future of DG PROCESS:

  • Intervention on operating units (midstream & downstream), 

  • Punctual Manpower availability, we are programming intervention in order to meet manufacturing requirements... 

  • We lead and perform maintenance, comissionning and installation  works,

  • As a contract lead or simple subcontractor, we consider all the actors of the value chain while intervening, writing the prevention plan up to the work permit and related autorisations.

  • We bring our technical support to our customers taking into consideration the Quality, Safety and Environmental constrains. Our ISO 45001 and  ISO 9001 approach is part of the DNA of each and every DG PROCESS Employee.

  • The respect of Explosion Proof regulation

  • The respect of American Petroleum Institute standards or recommendations

Pharma & Agroalimentaire

Pharma  and Food & Beverage

DG PROCESS takes you through the Food and Drugs Administration requirements

DG PROCESS brings its skills and rigor to the pharmaceutical and food & Beverage Industries and more specifically thanks to:​

  • Procedures respect

  • Hygien norms respect

  • Demand towards our employees when it comes to cleaning

  • All our project and works are recorded in our ERP

  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 and  ISO9001 processes respect

  • Quality work maximizing the manufacturing  tool

  • Record and 24/7 webaccess for the client to all paperworks, documents,programs and archives 

  • Integration of products embedding the IP and IK,  Anti-microbial  features 

  • Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test

Sidérurgie et Matériaux

Steel Industry, Cement & Aggregate

Our products & Services offer applies from the transformer output  till the electrical motor shaft line

DG PROCESS supports you on cement, aggregate and steel processes design  or directly at the running plant:​

  • Integration of products and equipment with harsh duty grade,

  • Drive Shaft line and kinematic chain products sizing following defined service factor

  • Efforts calculations

  • Products and equipments accepting temporary overloads dimensioning

  • Electrical cabinets, LV products, Power Electronic devices and products sizing,

  • Machine revamping and Industrial equipment maintenance 

  • Drum Revamping, conveyor, Cement Fan, Crusher, Mill,…