Hazardous Areas

In Montreal, Canada, QUEBEC


Hazardous Areas


These are areas that features a permanent , occasional, or accidental risk of explosion. Gaz such as hydrogen , methane, butane, ethylene for instance are explosive gases either while in contact with fire or spark or while being in contact with a certain level of temperature.


CSA Hazardous standards are ruling criteria's of engineering and construction for materials operating within Explosible atmosphere as well as responsibility of the end user featuring this kind of risk.


DG PROCESS size and setup products and equipments for Hazardous Areas


DG PROCESS is located in the east of Canada, in Québec region, a region particularly rich in industries.
Many industrial groups and potential customers of DG PROCESS are located in the surrounding municipalities (Saint-John, New-York, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Houston, Brisbane, Montreal, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Birmingham, Washington, Dublin...).