DG SKID is ISO9001 V 2015 certified

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DG SKID is ISO9001 V 2015 certified

Following our MASE certification, we are delighted to add on top of the latter, the ISO 9001v2015, approving our Quality approach for our Engineering and construction activities.


The ISO 9001 point in position 2 of our HSEQ management system ranking.


This double HSEQ approach allows us to structure and frame even more, before a significant growth step but also to prepare us to the ISO45001 scheduled for the fall 2018.


This is  part of a virtuous circle of mutual demand increase that we have with our eco-system, and will come as a confirmation for our international Clients to who, the MASE is not a point of reference

All news 09/05/2018, 14:47:45 Written by Stéphane Guillarme
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